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Setting up the PrivadoVPN macOS App
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Installation and use of the PrivadoVPN app for MacOS


1. Go to the Privado website > Software > and click "PrivadoVPN for macOS":



2. Click "Download Now":


3. Double-click on the downloaded app, or find it in the "Downloads" folder of
your favorite browser: 



4. Drag the app into the Applications folder of your Mac:



5. Double-click on the Privado app to begin the installation: 



6. Click "Open":



7. Enter your Mac password to approve the installation of the Helper tool, 
(it is a necessary component of the PrivadoVPN app):



8. Log in to the Privado app using the username and password you received from us:  



9. Hit the "Click to Connect" button to connect to the "Best available" server for your location, 
or click the small arrow to select your preferred VPN server and then connect:



10. All done! You have successfully connected to a Privado VPN server: 


11. To double-check if your connection is successful, please return to our website
and verify your IP address on top of the page: 


*** If you see a message that your Mac OS version is incompatible with this app,
please reach out to our Support, and we will email you the compatible app version:  or 

PrivadoVPN app for MacOS. Features overview


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