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Vuze SOCKS5 Configuration
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To begin, please find your unique SOCKS5 username and password here. The username and password used for SOCKS5 are different from your VPN credentials.

From this page, you can also select the server you'd like to connect to. You'll use the server information provided to enter into the client.




From the client, select Tools > Options, then select the Connection tab.


Select the Mode tab, and set the User Proficiency to "Advanced".


Select the Connection tab, then the Proxy tab underneath.


From this page, enter the following information:


(Tracker Communications)

Enable proxying of tracker communications: Checked

I have a SOCKS proxy: Checked

Host: (server address provided here)

Port: 1080

Username: (unique SOCKS5 username, found here)

Password: (unique SOCKS5 password, found here)

Prevent local DNS lookups: Checked


(Peer Communications)

Enable proxying of peer communcations: Checked

Inform tracker of limitation: Checked

SOCKS version: V5

Use same proxy settings for tracker and peer communications proxy: Unchecked (Input the same credentials from above)

(Editors note: upon further testing, the "Use same proxy settings" must be unchecked and the same information copied for the connection to work.)


All options below this can remain checked, or set to your preferences.


Save the changes and close the Options.



You can verify the connection is configured correctly with this page:

Add the magnet link to the client and verify the IP displayed does not reflect your current IP presented on the webpage.


Should you have any further questions, please reach out to support here.

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