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Widgets for macOS
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***Widgets on macOS 14+ and above are interactive, enabling quick actions and easy movement on the desktop. On older macOS versions, the widgets are fixed to the left upper corner. Clicking on a widget will prompt the Privado app to open and give access to additional actions and features.

1. In the upper right corner of the taskbar, click on the time and date to open Widgets settings:



2. Click "Edit Widgets": 



3.  Scroll down to find PrivadoVPN, or type PrivadoVPN in the search box. 3 widget options will open. Drag and drop your preferred widget option onto your desktop. The widget will then be easily accessible in the Notification Center. 



4. The first widget performs the quick "Connect" or "Disconnect" action. Click on "" if you need to remove the widget from the Notification Center:



5.  The second compact widget displays the connection status and the recommended server locations. Click on the country icon to reconnect to the selected location immediately. In case you wish to eliminate the widget from the Notification Center, simply click on the "—" symbol: 



6. The third larger widget provides all the above functions. Additionally, clicking on its sides will open the Privado app.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support: or



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