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How to speed up my PrivadoVPN connection
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There are several ways to speed up a slow connection to PrivadoVPN.


Change Servers


The server that you’re connected to might have too many people connected to it. However, you can easily change servers in the same location.


  1. Disconnect from the PrivadoVPN network.
  2. Reconnect to the same server location. This should change you to another server located in the same geographic area.


Change Server Locations


It’s possible that the server you’re connected to is too far away from your physical location.


  1. Disconnect from your current server.
  2. Find a server that is located as closely as possible to your physical location. The closer the server is, the faster your connection will be.
  3. Alternatively, you can also allow the PrivadoVPN app to choose the best server for you.


Change Your VPN Protocol


The VPN protocol that you use can have a major impact on how fast your connection is. OpenVPN tends to be the slowest protocol because it has the strongest encryption, but there are other options. You can learn more about protocols on the Secure Encryption Protocols page.


  1. Open your PrivadoVPN app, disconnect the VPN, and open the Settings menu (the gear icon)
  2. Select “VPN Protocols”
  3. Change your protocol to either IKEv2 (the fastest but least secure option) or WireGuard® (a balance of speed and security between IKEv2 and OpenVPN).
    You can also test OPEN VPN + UDP. As for TCP, most likely it will be the slowest of all available options due to the heaviest encryption and thus, the least recommended. More info about VPN protocols is available here.
  4. Click “Save” and reconnect to the PrivadoVPN network.
  5. Windows-only. We have an experimental DCO feature on our Windows app designed for achieving maximum connection speeds. It can be especially efficient when your Internet connection can reach up to 100+ Mbps to your chosen VPN location (not locally):


Check Your Internet Speed


If you are experiencing slow speeds, the issue may lie with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We can suggest restarting your router/modem.
If the speed did not improve, please do the following steps:


  1. Disconnect from the PrivadoVPN network.
  2. Go to a speed test site like and run a test on your unencrypted connection.
  3. Reconnect to the PrivadoVPN network and run another test.
  4. While there will likely be a drop in speed while on the VPN, these numbers should be reasonably close to one another. If they are, the issue is with your ISP and not your VPN connection.


Other Helpful Tips


  1.  Restart your modem or router by turning it off and then turning it back on after a short while.

  2.  Temporarily deactivate your anti-virus software and/or firewall and see if it makes a difference in speed.

  3.  Check if there are any other processes running on your computer that require a lot of processing power, use the hard drive excessively, or utilize the internet connection. If yes, try to close them and only open the necessary apps.

  4.  Keep in mind that a wireless connection may not give you the maximum internet speed due to the reception quality. To ensure optimal speed, it is better to use a hard-wired connection between your computer and the modem/router.


By following these steps, you can improve your internet speed and enjoy a better browsing experience.


* "WireGuard" is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

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