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Windows IKEv2 Manual Setup
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*Manual IKEv2 setup is available to Premium users only.
**Freemium users can connect to IKEv2 protocol via the PrivadoVPN app


Before proceeding to the actual setup, you will need to obtain a VPN server address as well as your Privado username.


1. Log in to your Privado Admin area; copy and save your Privado Username for a manual connection. The Password will be the same as the one you use to log in to the Privado Admin area or the PrivadoVPN application. You will need these details later to set up your IKEv2 connection. 



2. After saving your username, click or Find your preferred server location on the left. Next, under "Server", copy and save your server name.

  • Optionally, you can use either the server name (ex. or the server IP (ex. from the next column as your server name.  
    "Capacity" means the percentage of free available slots on a particular server; i.e. the higher the number is, the better. 



IKEv2 set up on Windows 11


1. Push the Windows key  on the keyboard, type 'vpn', and click Enter

2. Click "Add VPN" in the Network & Internet Settings window




3. When the "Add VPN" window pops up, fill in the following information:

  • VPN provider: Select Windows (built-in) from the drop-down.
  • Connection name: Type in any connection name (ex. PrivadoVPN New York Server).
  • Server name or address: (choose a server here) (ex.
  • VPN type: Select IKEv2 from the drop-down list.
  • Type of sign-in info: Leave the default "User name and password".
  • User name: Type your PrivadoVPN username.
  • Password: Type your PrivadoVPN password.
  • "Remember my sign-in info" can be checked if you want to log in automatically without entering your password every time.



4. Click the "Connect" button on the VPN you created; you should then be connected.



5. Once you have set up the VPN connection, you can control your connection as follows:


  • Click the Network icon (near the clock) > VPN shield button > select the required IKEv2 connection> click "Connect" or "Disconnect":




You can add as many such connections as you like, each time entering a new server name from the list and the same username and password. 


  • If you run into any issues, please contact our support team through our support center.
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