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Setting up the PrivadoVPN Android App
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This guide is for installation and use of the PrivadoVPN Android app on Google Play:

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After installation, open the app and you will be presented with the login screen where you will enter your PrivadoVPN username & password:



Once logged in you will see the Server Connection Screen:


From here you may tap the keyhole to connect to the 'Best Available' location for your current connection/location.  This will be the fastest and easiest way to secure your connection with the PrivadoVPN app and is the recommended connection process by our Support Team.


Account & App Settings Menu

Tapping the hamburger (3 bars) icon in the top right will take you to the Account & App Settings Menu.


Here you will see the Account, Settings and Logout options:



Shows the username of the account that is currently logged in:



The Settings area will show the Auto Start, Auto Connect, VPN Protocol settings, provide Diagnostics Menu access and show the current App version:


Auto Start

When enabled, the App will automatically start when the device is powered on. (Enabled/Disabled):


Auto Connect

Enabling this will force the App to automatically connect to the selected option.

  1. Best Location – the best available server based on your current network environment. 
  2. Previously saved location – the last server that you successfully connected to.
  3. Random – Randomly selected server based on the servers currently available.


VPN Protocol

Here you can change the VPN protocol options for the App.

Automatic - The PrivadoVPN APP will choose the best protocol for your current network environment.
IKEv2 - The best option for both speed and security and is recommended for most network conditions.
OpenVPN - This protocol can be used when a certain protocol (TCP/UDP) and/or port is needed to ensure connection.

OpenVPN Protocol - UDP is considered the best for speed for OpenVPN, however, TCP is an option as well:

OpenVPN Port(s) – 1194 is the default port used for UDP/TCP connection, however, any available port can be selected:

Scramble – Enabling this will scramble the OpenVPN connection so network/data providers do not see the data passed as OpenVPN data. This is useful in network environments that have restrictions on OpenVPN traffic/ports:


The Diagnostics Screen is used to view the connection log and/or for troubleshooting with our Support Team:

Tap the ‘Copy LOG’ button to copy the log to send in messages and/or save to your device (NOTE: you will see ‘Copied to clipboard’ at the bottom of the screen when copied):

The “Share file” button is used to send the log.txt file using Apps installed on your device:


If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via our Support Form at


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