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AsusWRT Merlin OpenVPN Manual Setup
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*Manual configuration is available to Premium users only.


This tutorial will guide you to set up Privado OpenVPN configuration on ASUSWRT-Merlin firmware. 


As a testing router, we used the Asus RT-N66U flashed with Asuswrt-Merlin 380.70.


1. Start with downloading the file which contains all of our server configs in an .ovpn format.

2. Extract the file to your preferred folder for later use.

3. Log in to your router and navigate to the VPN page.

4. Once on the VPN page, click the 'VPN Client' tab.

5. Then click the 'Choose file' button.



6. Select one of the .ovpn config files from the location where you extracted the file and hit 'OK', then tap the 'Upload' button. Check this page to see what city each config file belongs to:

7. After that, you will need to fill in a description (optionally), your PrivadoVPN username, and your PrivadoVPN password. You can copy them from this page:

8. Click on the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the page, then scroll up and toggle on the "Service state" to enable your VPN.




9. If everything is entered correctly, the 'Service state' toggle will change its color to green with the heading - Connected.

10. To disconnect - toggle off the 'Service state' button. 


WAN DNS settings


If you can't establish a VPN connection navigate to the 'WAN' settings from the left side menu:



1. Tap on 'WAN DNS settings' > 'Connect to DNS Server automatically' > NO

2. Insert the following DNS numbers:



3. Scroll down the page and tap the 'Apply' button.

4. Then go back to the VPN page and try to connect.


How to activate the 'Kill Switch' option


Kill Switch will disable your Internet connection for the required devices if you lose connection to the PrivadoVPN server.


This option prevents the Internet connection when the VPN is disconnected to protect your data (for example: when you are using a public/unsecured network)


1. Open the 'VPN' section in the left menu

2. Scroll down the page and tap on the 'Redirect internet traffic' > change it to 'Policy Rules'

3. Switch the 'Block routed clients if the tunnel goes down' to 'YES'



4. In the drop-down table set the 'Iface' to 'VPN' and add the required device from the list of connected devices in the 'Source IP' section.

5. You can add a few devices by using '+'

6. Next, tap the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the page and reconnect your VPN.




Most VPN issues are easy to resolve and require minimal troubleshooting. If you have any problems with connectivity, please navigate to the 'System log' section and send us available logs for review: 



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